Concept III Announces Partnership with Coolcore, Proprietary Fabric Cooling Technology

Concept III has officially announced their partnership with Coolcore, the first company globally to receive the Innovation Technology award for “Cooling Power” from the esteemed Hohenstein Institute. They will introduce Coolcore to their network of iconic global brands who value chemical-free wicking, cooling and drying performance.
Coolcore’s patented, chemical-free fabric technology utilizes a unique combination of fibers and cross-sections for three specific functions, wicking, moisture transportation and controlling the rate at which the moisture evaporates from the garment and cools. These components help to reduce the fabric’s surface temperature. With the Coolcore technology being chemical-free, the performance benefits never wash out.
“So many outdoor activities are high energy or take place in warmer weather, making Coolcore an attractive selling point for all apparel and fabric based performance products,” says Chris Parkes – Partner & National Sales Manager at Concept III. “The fact that it’s chemical-free and out performs its chemical-based market competitors is especially appealing to us and to our customers.”
Coolcore has already been well received by Brooks, Cabela’s and L.L. Bean and will appear in their spring ’16 collections.